Marketing Plan 2019

Marketing Plan 2019

Do you have a 2019 Marketing Plan? The start of the New Year is a good time to review the results of your previous year’s marketing plan and activities, and to decide on any changes for the period ahead. Taking time out of a busy schedule also allows you to assess how the business is doing overall, whether the strategy you have in place is correct, and if any modifications are needed.

  1. Your objectives – did you achieve these in 2018 and do you have stretch targets in place for 2019? If not, do you understand the reasons why they weren’t achieved and have you put appropriate changes in place?
  2. Your value proposition – does this need refining in any way, or a modified version created for a different market sector? Are you confident that you and your team are communicating what you offer in a clear, compelling and consistent way?
  3. Your target audience – has this changed at all? Perhaps as your business has grown you have tapped into a new market or audience, and need to review how you are communicating with them?
  4. Your marketing plan – are the various activities working as you anticipated? If not, it will be valuable to analyse them in detail, and consider whether alternative methods may be more suited to the needs of your business. Certain marketing communications methods and techniques will be better suited to some businesses than others, and whilst social media is much talked about, it is unlikely to be the panacea for everyone. Creating a content plan for the year can help you communicate valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience, and to drive interest in your products and services.
  5. Overall, are you happy with the growth of your business, and how your marketing activities are supporting this? Is the ROI from your marketing in line with your expectations? Are your lead generation activities working as well as you expected?

A robust business strategy is usually developed with a medium to long term view, but the tactics of your annual marketing plan will almost certainly need to change and flex as things progress and new opportunities arise. As your business grows you will almost certainly want to test out a new approaches in your marketing plan and to allocate budget for the activities, as these are likely to be a key part of your annual business costs.

Once you are happy with your 2019 marketing plan and start implementation it is important to diarise a mid-year review, as the time will fly by!

Birch Marketing works with businesses to develop their marketing strategy and plan, and to carry out a marketing audit to assess how existing programmes are working. We provide flexible, part-time services so please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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