Is your brand recognised in your target market?

brand buildingBrands are extremely important in B2C and B2B companies, and being recognised over your competitors can be challenging in today’s often crowded marketplace. Birch Marketing can support you developing a brand strategy and in brand building including:

  • Articulating why the company exists and what it stands for, focussed on the customer
  • Developing a clear proposition for the target market, which is differentiated from competition
  • Identifying the brand values and personality, which should infer behaviour and engender authenticity and trustworthiness
  • Developing the brand identifiers – the name, logo and strapline. These are very important as they allow customer recognition as the brand is built, and consistency should be enforced via brand guidelines
  • Developing a consistent brand communications approach across all channels

All the elements should create a coherent experience, with consistent messaging and presentation across all touch points, and a consistent culture and aligned behaviour amongst employees.

Whether you telephone, read a brochure, meet a sales person, or look at the website you should gain a consistent understanding of the purpose and values of the company, which is the acid test of a good brand.

This consistency of brand, together with that of the product or service offer, result in customer trust being built, brand loyalty and ultimately greater profitability.

When a new visual identity is required as part of a rebranding or brand refresh process, Birch Marketing works with trusted graphic design partners to deliver the entire project.

To discuss how we can support you with brand building, please call Julie on 07833 227975 or contact us.