Is your Lead Generation process working?

lead generationLead generation is the aim of many businesses, and the quality of the leads is as important as the quantity. Depending on your target market, there are many tools to drive quality leads, and most of these require compelling content to engage with your target audience.

  • Your website is likely to be key. Attracting new prospects to the website, providing them with valuable information, and including strong calls to action should generate enquiries.
  • Social media is an important tool to drive website visitors. Connecting with people, engaging in conversations and sharing information will encourage them to visit. LinkedIn is particularly important for many B2B companies.
  • Demonstrating your expertise through editorial content in relevant online and print publications, and ensuring that you are present in all relevant listings will also attract people’s attention.
  • Regular e-newsletters which provide relevant and useful information for your target customers will build brand awareness, demonstrate your expertise and generate inbound enquiries.
  • Carefully targeted email and telemarketing campaigns can also work well, particularly in conjunction with LinkedIn to identify your precise target audience and their interests and challenges.

Birch Marketing would work with you to define your ideal client profile, agree your targets, and develop a lead generation programme consistent with these. Regular reviews would be included to report and optimise the results, and ensure that business growth is maximised.

To discuss how Birch Marketing can help you generate more leads please call Julie on 07833 227975 or contact us.