Is the strategy of your company clear?

strategy developmentRunning any business is a challenge. Many SMEs do not have the resource to focus on where they want to be in the future, and how they are going to get there, because they are too busy with the day to day activities.  Strategy development is a key aspect of planning for growth, which will outline a realistic vision for your business’ future as well as maximise its growth potential.

Developing the strategy for your business is likely to include defining the detail of your value proposition, your target market and target customers, how you are differentiated from your competitors and how changes in the market place may affect what you offer. Birch Marketing helps ambitious companies, who want to move ahead quickly, define these parameters through facilitating workshops.

Once in place, the marketing strategy and associated action plan should provide a coherent platform to maximise your growth and profitability. Birch Marketing provides strategic marketing consultancy tailored to the objectives of each client, and support in developing integrated marketing plans to ensure objectives are achieved. Our services include:

  • Market assessment, market segmentation, target audience and competitor research
  • Strategy development, including developing the business’ value proposition
  • Identification of key customer benefits and the key external messages to communicate these
  • Development and implementation of marketing tactics through integrated plans
  • Tracking and evaluation of results, with refinement of the plan as needed

To discuss how we can help you develop your strategy, please call Julie on 07833 227975 or contact us.