Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is the delivery of consistent brand messaging across all communications channels, including sales collateral, website, PR, newsletters and social media. The coherence of the messaging allows the different media to reinforce each other, bringing a number of benefits.

1. Delivering a consistent message across a range of audience channels, increases its impact, and also the number of people who will read it. People have different preferences in the way they source information, so utilising a variety of channels will maximise the readership.

2. As long as your core messaging is clear and understandable, communicating it using different media will reinforce it. This in turn makes your message more powerful, and people begin to associate it with your company, helping to build brand awareness. People will be more likely to contact you about the product or service you offer, which in turn should boost sales and profitability.

3. Integrated marketing increases campaign efficiency. Once you have developed your messaging, it can be tweaked to maximise its effectiveness across the various communication channels that you have selected. The same imagery, graphics and case studies can be used, and an overall campaign plan used to run activities across all media. This reduces costs, maximises the use of the materials and cuts down the time spent on planning, organising and preparing materials.

4. An integrated campaign can also do a lot to increase awareness of the brand, its values and proposition internally. Seeing the campaign come to fruition across the various media can increase the morale of employees across the organisation and make them feel proud of the company they work for. Not only do they feel more positive and enthusiastic, but they are more likely to recommend the company to their friends and family.

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